Is Saving Time Important To You?

Our commitment to excellence in client service and satisfaction will save you time. We strive to provide a quality appraisals that will withstand the most demanding review and underwriting process, thus eliminating unnecessary and time consuming revisions. We believe in establishing a high level of communication throughout the appraisal process enabling us and our clients to perform at their best. Our Quality Assurance Program focuses on good Communication and ongoing Proformance Review.


In this market a communication is essential. The RVS Appraisals takes advantage of the most current technology available, while remaining focused on building solid relationships. We promote the three pillars of effective appraisal writing:

Professional: We are committed to providing the highest level of attention to all aspects of your assignment. It is not limited to the quality of our report; rather it resonates throughout the entire appraisal process. Our goal is to create confidence by providing a reliable reports and service.

Dependable: Our Performance Review system is not limited to ensuring we deliver high quality reports. We review all levels of interaction and communication. Our goal is to provide a consistent high level of service.

Informed: We have devoted ourselves to developing a system which provides real-time updates, though the use of web based file delivery systems. However, technology cannot replace one on one communication. Our appraisers are available by phone, text, and email. Our goal is to exceed your communication needs.

Performance Review

In order to be successful it is critical to review the quality of our services. We are constantly reviewing our performance and looking for ways to improve. This encompasses two area of investigation; Peer Review and Client Feedback.

Peer Review: Originally developed to assure consistent quality of appraisal assignments, which has been expanded to reviewing every stage of the appraisal process.

Client Feedback: We are proud of our track record, although we remain committed to improvement. We want to hear your impression of our service.